World Gatka Federation (WGF) has decided to recommend yearly grading the Gatka players on their achievements in National/ Inter-Varsity/ Asian/ Commonwealth/ International/World level tournament. A designated committee, duly constituted by the Governing body of WGF/GFUSA shall grade a player upon his/her admission/ participation in a championship. The grade of such player shall be determined by his/her qualifications, achievements or experiences as an amateur Gatkabaaz and proof of such performances to the satisfaction of the Committee. The grade shall only be known as :-

  • 10th Degree : Grand Master
  • 9th Degree : Chief Master
  • 8th & 7th Degree : Master
  • 6th Degree : Chief Instructor
  • 5th & 4th Degree : Instructor
  • 3rd Degree : Deputy Instructor
  • 2nd Degree : Assistant Instructor
  • 1st Degree : Trainee

And in lieu of or in addition to, such requirements, the Committee shall from time to time determine. The Graded Gatkebaaz shall wear the insignia/badge/belt during ceremonies. The decision of the Grade Committee shall be final.