With a motive to revive and promote traditional martial art Gatka as sport in the country the Gatka Federation of India (GFI) was constituted in a meeting in which known Sikh Saints, Heads of Nihang-Singh organisations, Gatka players and Gatka sympathizers were also present who unanimously elected S. Harcharan Singh Bhullar as President and S. Harjeet Singh Grewal as General Secretary of the GFI.

The Gatka Federation now a registered sports body, is affiliated with World Gatka Federation envisions in promoting, popularizing and standardizing the martial art Gatka as a game similar to other games at National level. GFI’s selfless and dedicated motive is to awake the masses about this ancient martial art, otherwise, it might happen that the next generation will totally be unaware of Gatka. It’s a humble effort to revive a forgotten and dying traditional martial art having a historical significance.

The following personalities are associated with this sports organisation as officials namely :
President - S. Harcharan Singh Bhullar, IPS, Punjab, India General Secretary - Dr. Deep Singh, New York, USA Finance Secretary - Dr. S.P. Singh Oberoi, Dubai

The Gatka Federation USA (GFUSA)World Gatka Federation (WGF) cordially invites all Gatka players, sympathizers and supporters to all assist this historical martial game by joining/sponsoring/helping in furtherance of selfless pious cause. This game will certainly help to keep away the youngsters from the menace of intoxicants & narcotics and encourage them to revert to our strong traditional values.
Let come forward.

Dr. Deep Singh,
General Secretary,
email : worldgatkafederation@gmail.com, gatkafederationusa@gmail.com,
Contact: or dial + 917 257 1706, +917 291 3445